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“Terra Midstream for energy producers in remote and water-scarce areas is a service that we perform with responsibility and integrity. With water demand continuing to increase for well completions activity, we have positioned ourselves strategically to deliver turnkey Terra Midstream services to our clients. With our own assets and with those of partnered landowners in the area, we are confident we can help you operate within your budget and on time.”

Carter Cheek
President of Terra Midstream
(214) 605-9521


Jose Ortega
Vice President of Freshwater Division
(432) 559-2076

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Water Transfer

Our frac…


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water supply cycle
ClO2 Water Treatment

Water Treatment with Biocide

most effective treatment for
eliminating H2S and bacteria.

Water Recycling


produced water, waste water,
flowback water, and contaminated
drilling water.

Water Sourcing