Water Recycling

We provide recycling services across many different water types including produced water, wastewater, flowback water, and contaminated drilling water. Terra OFS customizes and installs its equipment with consideration to your specific project needs to achieve desired treatment results. We use a variety of different equipment and processes which includes combinations of the following:
E.C. Unit
ClO2 Injection
Drying Shakers
Mechanical Filtration
Water Recycling
Performance Testing Before Treatment After Treatment
Hydrogen Sulfide 75 ppm 0 ppm
Iron 25 ppm <2 ppm
Turbidity >100 NTU <5 NTU
ORP <100 mV 350 mV
APB, SRB, HTB >100 cfu/ml 0 cfu/ml

Low Disposal Costs

Terra OFS is an industry leader in efficient water recycling processes. Real field data shows that we can produce approximately 125 barrels of dry solids for disposal after treating 250,000 barrels of water. Compare this to some of our competitors, who can generate as high as 5,000 barrels of disposal when processing the same amount of water. Our equipment, personnel, and experience ensure that waste will be thoroughly removed from your project’s water. In this way, we can cut up to 97.5% of your disposal costs—just one of the benefits of working through Terra OFS.

Features & Benefits

Solids consolidation results in <0.0005% solids by volume treated
High Iron can be treated to <1 mg/L
Eliminates virtually all SRB, bacteria and removes organic matter
No pH adjustment required
Eliminates Fe2O3, Fe3O4
No Sodium Hydroxide used in process
No corrosive properties
Water Recycling Photo 2

Example Process

  1. Oxidizer is introduced
  2. E.C. Units
  3. Polymer injection
  4. Tanks with weirs and coalescing plates
  5. D.A.F. and settling tanks
  6. Fine micron filtration to ensure all TDS removal
  7. Solids dried for minimal disposal, water returned to step 1.